Hatha Yoga: Suitable for all levels and appropriate for beginners, hatha yoga is the most widely practiced style of yoga. It helps build alignment, flexibility, and strength while promoting relaxation. A hatha class may consist of a broad range of yoga poses and is a great class in which to build a foundation for your yoga practice. This class may also include breathing exercises and seated meditation.

Hatha Flow: Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with hatha flow yoga. In this class we focus on a specific intention or lesson to help students grow their yoga practice and incorporate the principles of yoga into everyday life. Hatha flow consists of a warmup that transitions into a flow sequence and ends with time for relaxation and reflection. There is also an emphasis on deep breathing and learning to link the breath with movements in yoga. 

Yin/Restorative: Yin is a style of yoga in which stretches are held for several minutes to promote flexibility and suppleness. Restorative yoga is a soothing style of yoga that promotes rest and healing. In this relaxing class, we'll start with a few deep yin stretches and then move into some restorative poses. There may also be guided meditation or pranayama (breathing exercises). Yin and restorative yoga are both wonderful antidotes to stress and busyness, and this class is appropriate for all levels.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle yoga allows you to calm your body and mind in a quiet, soothing environment. Beginning with a long warmup, this class then moves into slow, intentional movements and ends with restorative yoga poses and a period of relaxation. In gentle yoga you can expect plenty of options/variations to make each stretch or pose work best for your body. This class may also include breathing exercises and guided meditation. It is suitable for all levels.